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大学的改变英语作文 第1篇

I am proud of being a college student. I like my college life as it is so wonderful time in my youth. As being born in small village of the remote countryside, I didnt have a good education environment. However, I set a goal and felt confident to be a college student. After hard study, I passed the entrance examination of national college by excellent achievement. All people were proud of me, as I was the first college student in my village. I was farewell warmly by them when I came to school. I was warmly wele by school, too. After then, I’ve felt my study is not only for myself but also for the honor of my village neighborhood and our school.

The college life is wonderful. All life in school are fresh. New teachers, new classmates and fresh friends are around me. I’ve felt their friendship, wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand library, school buildings and wide playground are very attracting to me. I am very eager to learn much knowledge quickly. In high school, I was ever called as a runner before time. Now, I know I am behind time so much in fact. I hope to catch up with the time by my hard studying. Every day, you can see me get up early, doing exercise hard and go to school the first one. At night, I am the one who leaves away the library. The most interesting thing is that I can’t speak the PUTONGHUA well and made many funny events at the beginning, as I am from South. When I entered the classroom at first time, I was headache as I couldn’t understand what the professor was speaking. I met much difficulties at math, physics and other courses, even though I used to be good at these sciences. Therefore, I learn these courses myself after class. After three months, the exmination indicated that I overcame all the difficlties. I also improved my listening and spoken ability of Chinese quickly. Communication is very important to my college life. I study English hard as well. It makes me have many chances to municate with foreigners. I made friends with many foreign teachers and students. From them, I learn many knowledge about foreign cultures. The puter room is another place I like to staying. I contact the outside world by the internet. All the News, advance science, and the information about internal and outside of China.

Besides study, my college life is also very colorful. I’d like to take any chance to improve my munication skill. I am the monitor and playing an active role in class and school. Last year, I organized a speech match in management department. All the classmates were very interested in this kind of activity. I learned from them much about their hometown, their knowledge and opinions. At the same time, I shew my beautiful hometown to everyone. In school, I take care all the classmates around me. I am so poor due to from the romote countryside. The school pay most the fee for my education. I feel very happy. However, I know some classmates are poorer than me. I am willing to care them and encourage each other.

My college life is long and short. I believe that I can spend a good time in the four years. I hope I will have no any regretion when I look back the short youth of college in the future. Thanks!

我为自己是一名大学生而自豪。我喜欢我的大学生活, 因为这是我年轻时的美好时光。我出生在偏远农村的一个小村庄, 并没有一个好的教育环境。然而, 我设定了一个目标, 并对成为一名大学生充满信心。经过努力学习, 我以优异的成绩通过了国立大学的入学考试。所有人都为我感到骄傲, 因为我是村里第一个大学生。当我来到学校时, 他们热情地向我道别。我也受到了学校的热烈欢迎。从那以后, 我觉得我的学习不仅是为了我自己, 也是为了我所在村庄和学校的荣誉。

大学生活很美好。学校里的一切都很新鲜。新老师、新同学、新朋友都在我身边, 我感受到了他们的友情、渊博的知识和开阔的胸怀。宏伟的图书馆、学校建筑和宽阔的操场对我很有吸引力。我很想快速学习很多知识。在高中时, 我曾被称为跑步者。现在, 我知道事实上我已经落后了很多。我希望通过努力学习赶上时间。每天, 你都可以看到我起得很早, 努力锻炼身体, 第一次去上学。晚上, 我是那个离开图书馆的人。最有趣的是, 我不会说普通话, 一开始就制造了很多有趣的事情, 因为我是南方人。当我第一次走进教室时, 我很头疼, 因为我听不懂教授在说什么。我在数学、物理和其他课程上遇到了很多困难, 尽管我过去擅长这些科学。因此, 我在课后自己学习这些课程。三个月后, 考试表明我克服了所有的困难。我也很快提高了我的中文听说能力。沟通对我的大学生活非常重要。我也努力学习英语。这使我有很多机会与外国人交流。我结交了许多外国老师和学生。从他们那里, 我学到了许多关于外国文化的知识。电脑室是我喜欢住的另一个地方。我通过互联网与外界联系。所有的新闻, 先进的科学, 以及关于中国内外的`信息。

除了学习, 我的大学生活也很丰富多彩。我想抓住任何机会提高我的沟通技巧。我是班长, 在课堂和学校里都扮演着积极的角色。去年, 我在管理部门组织了一场演讲比赛。所有的同学都对这种活动很感兴趣。我从他们那里学到了很多关于他们家乡的知识和观点。同时, 我向大家展示我美丽的家乡。在学校里, 我照顾周围的同学。由于来自偏远的农村, 我很穷。学校为我的教育支付了大部分费用。我感到非常高兴。但是, 我知道有些同学比我穷, 我愿意关心他们, 互相鼓励。

我的大学生活是漫长而短暂的。我相信在这四年里我能度过一段美好的时光。我希望将来当我回首大学短暂的青春时, 我不会有任何遗憾。谢谢。

大学的改变英语作文 第2篇

Nowadays it is a very common phenomenon that some university students are late for or even absent from classes, and there are also some students who slip out of the classroom before the class is over.In a word, class attendance has become a thorny problem to both the students and teachers.

In fact, it is very important for the students to attend their classes regularly. On one hand, it will ensure you to catch up with the teachers in your learning, which is very helpful to you if you want to do a good job in your study. On the other hand, attending classes regularly is a way of showing respect to your teachers, too. Your teachers will feel bad if the students do not attend their classes, which, in turn, will affect their teaching and be no good for the students.What’s more, attending classes regularly will help to form a good habit of punctuality, which is of great importance for the students to do a good job in the future.

Therefore, we university students should form the good habit of attending our classes regularly from now on. Besides, going to classes on time and listening to the teacher attentively are also a must to us. I’m strongly convinced thatsome day we’ll benefit from it.

大学的改变英语作文 第3篇

The moment I stepped into the college campus, I thought I would spend a long time studying here, but soon I have come to the last year of college life. Time flies and when I look back on the passed days here, I hold the good memories, which will be the precious experience of my life.

Firstly, I chosen English as my major and I love learning it. I found some of my friends did not show much interest in their major, and they learn it because their parents made the choice for them. So I felt lucky to learn what I liked. The more I learned, the more passionate about my major I became. It was the key to help me know more about the world.

Secondly, I have made many good friends. Since I lived in the dorm life, I learned to get along with my roommates. The lucky thing was that we had so many things in common. We shared our opinions about the hot issues, which made me become mature. We inspired each other when we set the targets and made progress together.

The life in college is such an unforgettable memory for me. I gain both knowledge and friendship.

我进入大学校园的那一刻, 就觉得在这里学习的时间应该会很长, 但是很快就到了大学生活的最后一年了。时间过得真快, 当我回首过去在这里的日子, 我有着美好的回忆, 这将是我人生的宝贵经历。

首先, 我选择英语作为我的专业是因为我喜欢学习英语。我发现我的一些朋友对他们的'专业并不感兴趣, 他们学习那个专业是因为父母为他们做出的选择。所以我感到很幸运, 我可以学习自己喜爱的。我学到的越多, 就越热爱我的专业, 它是我更了解这个世界的关键。

其次, 我认识了很多好朋友。由于我住在宿舍, 我学会了与我的室友相处, 幸运的是, 我们有很多共同点, 我们分享关于热点问题的看法, 这使我变得成熟。我们互相启发, 当我们设定了目标, 就一起取得进步。

大学生活对我来说是这样令人难忘的记忆, 让我收获了知识和友谊。

大学的改变英语作文 第4篇

It can be seen from the figure that great changes have taken place in China's grain distribution from the s to the s. The number of people who eat grain, vegetables, meat, fruit and rice has been greatly reduced in the past 40 years. In contrast, the number of people who eat oil or meat has increased sharply due to this dietary change With the rapid improvement of people's living standards in China, the direct reason is that the Chinese people attach great importance to the medical and health services all over the country.

With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more people are getting rich, and everyone's food consumption is becoming more and more diversified. In particular, most people are not willing to eat more vegetables, but I think their diet is very rich With more meat and oil, the changes in China's diet distribution seem to have both positive and negative aspects. On the positive side, China's economic growth has improved people's diet, and most people are well-off and happy.

On the negative side, I'm afraid that eating less vegetables will lead to poor health. Therefore, we think it is necessary for Chinese people to pay attention to a balanced diet: eat more vegetables and meat, which may make us have a healthier body in the new century.



大学的改变英语作文 第5篇

The university is full of talent, learning, and a small stage and small society full of petition and challenge. Every one of us plays a different role on this stage, so why dont we try to play the best part of our role! As a college student, we are eager to positive rather than blind impulse, bold and not wantonly recklessly, dare to think and not utopian, but not like you think of. let us grasp the youth, to exercise their own here! Leave your hard figure in the activities of the organization, show your most beautiful style in the munity activities, and dedicate one of your strengths to volunteering. Here you get not only a kind of knowledge, but also the most valuable wealth of life. When we were young, in their prime, pointing Jiangshan jiyangwenzi. Let the flower of life give birth to the color of youth, and let the youth glow because of vitality. The university campus, not do not, only unexpected, let us give full play to our talents! There are few human beings, and the university is the most treasured. Lets not let the youth idle away, and load a little gain in every days life, so that a confident smile will float on your face, and I believe firmly that there will be rewards for giving and passionate excitement.

The university is the halls of every one of us. In order to e to this hall, we have experienced the wind and rain. Now that we have stepped into this threshold, let us sprinkle our personality in the hall of this dream.

The university is not a fantasy, not a dream, not a delusion, but a great ideal. As long as we fight for it, fight for it. One day we will return! You will hear the maple leaf flow boat at that time, you will see the Chrysopsis laughing, you can smell the fruit fragrance, for you to the harvest season!

When I wrote this article, I was a student of XXX University. When I was about to enter school, I stood at the beginning of the University, and looked forward to the four years study and life of University. I hope my university can be full and meaningful as expected. Freshman: lay down the foundation. The idea of _want me to learn_ is _I want to learn_ to learn basic courses well on the ground, especially English and puter. In the big plan, we should make a small plan, keep in mind the English words and practice the spoken English every day, and learn it unswervingly from the beginning of the year. According to the actual situation, consider whether to take a double degree or minor major in second major, and prepare for the information as soon as possible. Freshmens learning tasks are relatively relaxed. They can participate in munity activities appropriately, take certain positions, improve their organizational skills and munication skills, and train soldiers for graduation job interviews.

这所大学人才济济, 学识渊博, 是一个充满请愿和挑战的小舞台和小社会。我们每个人在这个舞台上都扮演着不同的角色, 所以我们为什么不努力扮演我们角色中最好的部分呢!作为一名大学生, 我们渴望积极而不是盲目的冲动, 大胆而不是肆意妄为, 敢于思考而不是乌托邦, 但不像你想象的那样。让我们抓住青春, 在这里锻炼自己!在组织的活动中留下你的硬汉形象, 在社区活动中展现你最美的风采, 把你的一大长处奉献给志愿者。在这里, 你不仅获得了一种知识, 而且获得了人生最宝贵的财富。我们年轻的时候, 风华正茂, 指着江山记杨文子。让生命之花孕育青春的色彩, 让青春因生机而焕发光彩。大学校园, 不做不到, 只有想不到, 让我们充分发挥自己的才能!人很少, 大学是最珍贵的。让我们不要让青春闲散, 在每一天的生活中装载一点收获, 让自信的笑容浮在你的脸上, 我坚信付出和激情都会有回报。

大学是我们每个人的大厅。为了来到这个大厅, 我们经历了风雨。既然我们已经踏入了这个门槛, 就让我们在这个梦想的大厅里洒下我们的'个性吧。

大学不是幻想, 不是梦想, 不是妄想, 而是伟大的理想。只要我们为之奋斗, 就为之奋斗。总有一天我们会回来的!那时你会听到枫叶飘动的小船, 你会看到金黄色的欢声笑语, 你会闻到水果的清香, 为你到了收获的季节!

当我写这篇文章的时候, 我还是XXX大学的学生。当我即将入学时, 我站在大学的起点, 期待着大学四年的学习和生活。我希望我的大学能够像预期的那样充实而有意义。大一新生:打好基础。“想我学”的理念是“我想学”, 把基础课学好, 尤其是英语和计算机。在大计中, 我们要制定一个小计划, 每天牢记英语单词和练习英语口语, 从年初开始坚定不移地学习。根据实际情况, 考虑第二专业是修双学位还是辅修专业, 并尽快做好准备。大一新生的学习任务相对轻松。他们可以适当地参加社区活动, 担任某些职位, 提高组织技能和沟通技能, 并为毕业面试培训士兵。

大学的改变英语作文 第6篇

When I was in high school, I had to study all the time and hardly had spare time to do what I wanted to. Besides, I had to focus on my textbooks and doing exercise again and again. Therefore, I had little time to read magazines and novels and watch TV. what was worse, I couldnt play with my friends a lot, which I couldnt stand the most. In a word, all I did in high shool should be considered for the College Entrance Examination.

However, my college life is totally different from the life in high school. I can arrange my time freely. I spend most of my time reading in the library, where I can open my eyes and broaden my mind. In my free time, I also join some clubs, where I can make a lot of friends of different majors. My teachers in college are so kind and knowledgeable that they not only teach us knowledge but also how to be a person and how to get on with others. In addition, there are more opportunities for me to improve myself.

I believe college life is an important stage in my life. In college, I can learn how to learn by myself, how to get on with others, how to live independently. College provides me with a stage where I can show myself and be myself.

当我在高中的时候, 我不得不学习, 几乎没有业余时间做我想做的事情。除此之外, 我必须专注于我的课本和一次又一次的锻炼。因此, 我很少有时间读杂志和小说和看电视。更糟的是, 我不能玩我的朋友很多, 我最不能忍受。一句话, 我所做的在高学校应该考虑高考。

然而, 我的大学生活是完全不同于高中的'生活。我可以自由安排我的时间。我花大部分时间在图书馆看书, 在那里我可以打开我的眼睛和扩大我的脑海里。在我空闲时间, 我也参加一些俱乐部, 在那里我可以赚很多不同专业的朋友。我的老师在大学里是如此的善良, 知识渊博, 他们不仅教我们知识, 还如何成为一个人, 如何与他人相处。此外, 还有更多的机会让我提高自己。

我相信大学生活是我人生中一个重要的阶段。在大学, 我可以学习如何学习, 如何与他人相处, 如何独立生活。大学为我提供了一个舞台, 我可以展示我自己, 做我自己。

大学的改变英语作文 第7篇

Life in the university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected.

First of all, we are tightly hound by continual classes, excessive homework and exams; some students plain that we are being _exam machines_. Secondly, the teaching method is boring; instead of lecturing, some teachers just _read_ lessons. Finally, living conditions need to be improved; and food in the dining-hall is farfrombeing attractive and tasteful.

In spite of all these adversities we still enjoy our life in the university. During the four-year university study, we can not only acquire a lot of book learning, but also foster various abilities. All types of extracurricular activities such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and dancing parties provide opportunities to make friends; many of these friendships may last a long time.

In short, we should value our life in the university. Four years is only a short period when pared with our whole lifetime. In the university we mature, and in the university we prepare ourselves for the real world. Although there are many things lacking, the four years in the university is a worthwhile period in our whole life time.





大学的改变英语作文 第8篇



每个人都有自己的梦想,而实现它所需要的正是执着的精神。 林肯刚成年时,因为身材高大,当了一名水手。林肯再一次经过奴隶拍卖市场时,看到一排排黑人奴隶带着脚镣手铐站在那里,他们都被一根根粗壮的绳子串在一起。奴隶主们一个跟着一个走了过来。像买骡子买马一样仔细打量他们,有时还走上前摸摸他们的胳膊,拍拍他们的大腿,看他们是不是长得结实,肌肉发达,将来干活有没有力气。奴隶主们用皮鞭毒打黑奴,还用烧红的铁条烙他们。这时,几位北方来的水手走了过来,林肯就在其中,他愤怒的说:“太可耻








大学的改变英语作文 第9篇

To be frank, the university life is not only the period for us to learn the professional knowledge, but also the period for us to develop our comprehensive abilities. If we can make full use of thus period, we wont treat it as a waste of time and we do have learnt something. As a result, we are able to get use to society with active attitude, creating our own value of life and making contribution to our country.

Maybe, one is not able to adapt to the university life for its completely different from the high school life in which we must take at eight classes, not including the morning and evening individual study. Besides, there are always large quantity of school work waiting us to complete. Therefore, we are easy to feel tired even bored. However, when we enter the university, things start to greatly change. We have more free time to learn what we want to, such as taking part in various activities, reading in the library.

坦率地说, 大学生活不仅对我们学习专业知识, 而且对我们发展我们的综合能力。如果我们能充分利用这样的`时期, 我们不会把它当作浪费时间和我们学到了一些东西。因此, 我们可以用积极的态度, 对社会生活创造自己的价值, 为我们的国家作出了贡献。

也许, 一个是无法适应大学生活完全不同于高中生活, 我们必须采取八类, 不包括早晚自习。此外, 学校总有大量的工作等着我们去完成。因此, 我们很容易感到疲倦甚至厌倦。然而, 当我们进入大学, 事情开始大大改变。我们有更多的空闲时间去学习我们想要什么, 如参加各种活动, 在图书馆阅读。

大学的改变英语作文 第10篇

In recent years, college students find it increasingly difficult to get a job, and there is a wide-spread saying on campus that “graduation means unemployment”. In a word, college students’ job hunting has become a key problem worth our careful consideration.

大学的改变英语作文 第11篇

University is designed to be a critical time of personal expansion, which including knowledge acquiring and characters shaping. Therefore, it is essential that young generations should perceive the university life and its significance.

In addition to the fact that we are to obtain new knowledge and new ways of learning during our college years, we will also gain all-round developments. These great improvements consist of courage, confidence and resourcefulness received from the different activities that we participate in, such as the speech contest, Students’ Festival and the sports meeting. Besides, our friend circle will be expanded in college days. We are doomed to share our happiness and sorrows with new friends.

In the meantime, we grow to realize the importance of the friendship between us and our old friends, thus this kind of friendship becomes firmer and firmer. The next thing that we learn is to be independent from our parents. The distance from the university to our home is often quite long, when some difficulties occur to us, we ought to cope with them by our own. This absolutely contributes to forcing our maturity. Last but not least, we are enlightened to be what we are, accept what we are and be better ourselves.

In a word, the value of university life is to cultivate our spirits, to establish our understanding of ourselves, others and the world in which we live.

大学是个人发展的关键时期, 包括知识的获取和性格的塑造。因此, 年轻一代必须认识大学生活及其意义。

除了在大学期间获得新的知识和新的学习方式之外, 我们还将获得全面的发展。这些巨大的进步来自于我们参加的各种活动, 如演讲比赛、学生节和运动会, 所带来的勇气、信心和足智多谋。此外, 我们的朋友圈将在大学时代扩大。我们注定要和新朋友分享我们的快乐和悲伤。

与此同时, 我们逐渐意识到我们和老朋友之间友谊的重要性, 因此这种友谊变得越来越牢固。接下来我们要学习的`是独立于父母。从大学到我们家的距离往往很长, 当我们遇到一些困难时, 我们应该自己解决。这绝对有助于促使我们成熟。最后但并非最不重要的是, 我们被启迪去做我们自己, 接受我们自己, 做更好的自己。

总之, 大学生活的价值在于培养我们的精神, 建立我们对自己、他人和我们生活的世界的理解。

大学的改变英语作文 第12篇

Another deep impression of my university is her creativity and profundity. As is known to all, she has a wide range and comprehensive style. No wonder I can enjoy the multi-ceolored life here. Every school year a diversity of competitions and aetivities are held and a large number of students take active part in them. I do appreciate such a style, and in my minds eye, she resembles a tall tree silhouetting with all shapes of branches while stretching far into the blue sky.

Undoubtedly there is a world of difference between university and high school. University students are supposed to enjoy more freedom to develop themselves. However, Fudan seems more concerned about the efficient cooperation and teamwork among students as to prepare them for the competitive society. I believe upon graduation I will be equipped with abundant skills to face more unknown challenges.

After all, in my opinion, university is for more cultivated character, richer knowledge and greater abilities. Thats why I chose Fudan. She provides me with what Ive dreamed of.

Now all kinds of successes are in sight every day, and all I have to do is endeavor for a more beautiful future…

我对大学的另一个深刻印象是她的创造力和深刻性。众所周知, 她的风格广泛而全面。难怪我能在这里享受多姿多彩的生活。每学年都会举办各种各样的比赛和活动, 大量学生积极参加。我很欣赏这样的风格, 在我心目中, 她就像一棵高大的树, 长着各种形状的树枝, 一直延伸到蓝天。

毫无疑问, 大学和高中之间存在着天壤之别。大学生应该享有更多发展自己的自由。然而, 复旦似乎更关心学生之间的高效合作和团队合作, 为他们进入竞争激烈的社会做好准备。我相信毕业后我将具备丰富的技能来面对更多未知的挑战。

毕竟, 在我看来, 大学是为了更有修养的性格、更丰富的知识和更大的能力。这就是我选择复旦的原因。她为我提供了我梦寐以求的`东西。

现在, 各种各样的成功每天都在眼前, 我所要做的就是为更美好的未来而努力…

大学的改变英语作文 第13篇

Youth is a beautiful word to our teenagers. youth is the most memorable period of our life.

Now, I am 20 years old and I am studying in XXX university. I found that the school life is happy and enjoyable. I make lots of friends on school campus, and the teachers in our school are kind and they impart knowledge to us. I study hard at school and try to get good marks in the class, because I want to be a useful person for the society in the future and to fulfill my dreams. Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading and listening to the music, but I am not lonely, for I like to chat with my classmates about almost everything. My favourite sports is playing volleyball, I like to play volleyball with my friends.

I enjoy the time at school, that will be the most memorable period of my life.

青春对于我们青少年来说是一个美丽的词语, 青春是我们一生中最值得回忆的时代。

我今年20岁, 在一间大学上学。我觉得学校的.生活是开心的是充满喜悦的。在校园里我交了很多的朋友, 学校里的老师都很和善, 他们传授知识给我们。在学校, 我很努力地学习争取好成绩, 因为我希望以后我可以成为一个对社会有用的人和实现我自己的梦想。有时, 我喜欢一个人看看书听听音乐, 但是我并不觉得孤单, 因为我喜欢跟班上的同学一起聊天。打排球是我喜欢的运动, 我喜欢跟我的朋友一起打排球。

我享受学校里的时间, 那将会是我一生中最值得回忆的时光。

大学的改变英语作文 第14篇

You may feel that college life is boring. We do not know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I think the college life will become wonderful as long as you make it meaningful In your spare time, you could play basketball, football and so on. Doing sports is very interesting and good for your health In fact, you can do anything which you are interested in. Do not be nervous. We are friend Studying in college is a brand new start of our life. You can continue to study hard for the better scords. Libary is a good place for students to study in. If you want to show your talents and skills you can join in all kinds of activities In a word, college life is wonderful!

Life in the university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected First of all, we are tightly hound by continual classes, excessive homework and exams;some idents complain that we are becoming_exam machines_. Secondly, the teaching method is boring;instead of lecturing, some teachers just_read_lessons. Finally, living conditions need to be mproved;and food in the dining-hall is far from being attractive and tasteful In spite of all these adversities we still enjoy our life in the university.

During the four-university study, we can not only acquire a lot of book learning, but also foster various abilities. All types of extracurricular activities such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and dancing parties provide opportunities to make friends;many of these friendships may last a long time In short, we should value our life in the university. Four years is only a short period when compared with our whole lifetime. In the university we mature, and in the university we prepare ourselves for the real world. Although there are many things lacking, the four years in the university is a worthwhile period in our whole lifetime.

你可能会觉得大学生活很无聊。我们不知道如何处理大量的业余时间。但我认为, 只要你让大学生活变得有意义, 大学生活就会变得美好。在业余时间, 你可以打篮球、踢足球等等。做运动很有趣, 对你的健康有益。事实上, 你可以做任何你感兴趣的事。不要紧张。我们是朋友在大学学习是我们生活的一个全新的开始。为了更好的分数, 你可以继续努力学习。利比亚是学生们学习的好地方。如果你想展示你的才华和技能, 你可以参加各种各样的活动。总之, 大学生活是美妙的!

大学里的生活并不像我们所期望的那样令人满意。首先, 我们被连续不断的上课、过多的家庭作业和考试所困扰一些身份证持有者抱怨我们正在成为“考试机器”。其次, 教学方法枯燥乏味有些老师不讲课, 只是“读”课。最后, 生活条件需要改善餐厅里的食物远没有吸引力和品味尽管经历了这些逆境, 我们仍然享受着大学的生活。

在四所大学的学习中, 我们不仅可以获得大量的`书本知识, 还可以培养各种能力。各种类型的课外活动, 如运动会、演讲比赛、不同的社交聚会和舞会, 都提供了结交朋友的机会这些友谊中的许多可能会持续很长时间。总之, 我们应该珍惜大学里的生活。与我们的一生相比, 四年只是一个短暂的时期。在大学里, 我们成熟了, 在大学里我们为现实世界做好了准备。虽然缺少很多东西, 但在大学的四年是我们一生中值得的一段时间。

大学的改变英语作文 第15篇

My university life is better than expected, It is universally acknowledged that when a freshman walk into a big, fascinating but complicated campus, what impresses him most will be the atmosphere of freedom and the “abuse”, which will teach you a lesson before you really adapt to the life of university.

After years of frustration with heavy homework and education which mostly gives us skill of exam more than knowledge itself, I sat down and imagined how my college life would be this summer vacation. In my opinion, compared with universities in HK, universities here is less active, full of awkward political education, and provide too much leisure time in which laziness is born. In a word, it will be boring, if it fits my idea.

However, life tends to be more and more different from expected, as I feel myself absorbed into the campus little by little. Every day when I pass by the door of dormitory I notice tens of posts that contains information of activities of miscellaneous groups or interesting lectures which widen our horizon, just like the lively and colorful world below the calm surface of the Pacific Ocean.

When it comes to my major, mathematics, I am very willing to devote much time to having lessons, doing proper homework, going to libraries to check more details other than textbooks or debating problems through MSN with other friends who share the same interest.





大学的改变英语作文 第16篇

I always have a college dream, so I always look forward to college life.

In the college life I look forward to, I will make many good friends. They are all excellent. Ive heard that college life is very beautiful. Half the time is study and the other half belongs to myself. In college life, we must develop the good habit of self-discipline, spend our every day in a planned and assigned way, and make our every day in college meaningful.

In college life, I will meet students from all over the world. I look forward to one day, we can sit together and talk about our hometown. At that time, I will be surprised to open my mouth, because I have not been to many places before. I am full of curiosity about the scenery and famous deeds of these places mentioned by my classmates. Perhaps in this discussion among students, it once again increased my longing for some scenic spots.

There are four years of college life. When the winter and summer vacation comes, I will take some time to be volunteers, volunteers, participate in various communication activities, expand my vision and enhance my ability. I will also use my labor force to make money, and then go to some well-known scenic spots. The college life Im looking forward to must be full and interesting.

I will also study hard in school and strive for a scholarship on campus. This money is also very important to me. After all, I hope I can seldom ask my family for money when I go to college. After all, I already have the ability to realize some economic freedom.

I will also participate in some campus competitions and listen to some brothers and sisters who have gone to college at home. These competitions will set rewards, and most of them contain high gold. When I sign up for these competitions and devote myself to this competition, I will gain a lot.

I expect my college life to be full and interesting, and I also expect my college life to let me learn a lot.

我一直有一个大学梦, 所以我一直期待着大学生活。

在我期待的大学生活中, 我会交到很多好朋友。他们都很优秀。我听说大学生活很美好。一半的时间是学习, 另一半属于我自己。在大学生活中, 我们必须养成自律的好习惯, 有计划、有安排地度过每一天, 让我们在大学的每一天都有意义。

在大学生活中, 我会遇到来自世界各地的学生。我期待着有一天, 我们可以坐在一起谈论我们的家乡。到那时, 我会惊讶地开口, 因为我以前没有去过很多地方。我对同学们提到的这些地方的风景和著名事迹充满了好奇。也许在这次同学们的讨论中, 它再次增加了我对一些景点的向往。

大学生活有四年。寒暑假来临时, 我会抽出一些时间做志愿者, 做志愿者, 参加各种交流活动, 拓展视野, 增强能力。我也会利用我的劳动力来赚钱, 然后去一些知名的景点。我期待的大学生活一定是充实而有趣的`。

我也会在学校里努力学习, 争取在校园里获得奖学金。这笔钱对我来说也很重要。毕竟, 我希望上大学的时候能很少向家人要钱。毕竟, 我已经有能力实现一些经济自由。

我还将参加一些校园比赛, 听一些在家上大学的兄弟姐妹们的演讲。这些比赛将设置奖励, 其中大多数比赛都包含高额金牌。当我报名参加这些比赛并全身心地投入到这场比赛中时, 我会收获很多。

我希望我的大学生活充实有趣, 我也希望我的学校生活能让我学到很多东西。

大学的改变英语作文 第17篇

I am a sophmore of Nanchang University. Now I want to introduce to you guys about my university. It has a long history back to the fifties of last century.

As it locate far away from the city center, the most prosperous place, you may think the traffic is totally unconvenient, then you are wrong, instead of unconvenient, there are a lot of transportation tools that will take you to where you want to go at any time. when it going to say about facilities and faculites, I will say they are excellent and helpful. I cherish friendship and like to make as many friends as I can and I found out that the students there are have a heart of gold, and are hospital. So, thats my university, it is not the best one but I still love it. I can foresee that I will enjoiy my life on campus from now.

我是南昌大学的一名学生。现在我想向你们介绍一下我的大学。它有着悠久的历史, 可以追溯到上世纪五十年代。

由于它远离市中心, 最繁华的地方, 你可能会认为交通完全不可信, 那么你错了, 有很多交通工具会随时带你去你想去的地方, 而不是不可信。当谈到设施和设施时, 我会说它们非常好, 非常有用。我珍惜友谊, 喜欢交尽可能多的朋友, 我发现那里的'学生都有一颗金子般的心, 都是医院的。所以, 那是我的大学, 不是最好的大学, 但我仍然热爱它。我可以预见, 从现在起, 我将在校园里享受我的生活。