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关于英语春节的作文 第1篇

Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .In the evening before the Spring Festival ,my families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .Dumplings are the most traditional food .I like the festival very much ,because I can have delicious food and wear new clothes .I can also get some money from my money is given to me for good luck .We also put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune .

Christmas ,annual December 25,it is the Christian that commemorates the life that Jesus emerges,called Christmas is Christmas Day during the festival on January 6 of next year since December Christmas,the Christians of various countries hold the grand it was the Christian's festival on Christmas Day,because people extremely paid attention to,it becomes one festival for the entire people,it is the most grand festival in one year of western countries,can equate with New Year ,the similar our country spends the Spring Festival

关于英语春节的作文 第2篇

When the New Year's bell, fireworks flying, like the petals of the fairy and, like flowers blooming on the sky... , grandpa took my New Year's gift, I open a look, a beautiful scarf, grandpa said: _don't catch a cold in the winter is very cold, wear a scarf,_ ah! Grandpa sent him to my care, sent to my care. In my heart silently thinking about, when I grow up, I will care about you too.

The atmosphere of the Spring Festival at home is full of joy!



关于英语春节的作文 第3篇

In a burst of firecrackers, a burst of song and laughter, we finally usher in the Spring Festival! The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China and the happiest day for us. The lights were on and the streets were decorated, and the scene was jubilant. My father and mother also made a new arrangement of the home early. I blinked my happy eyes and took photos in front of the big wardrobe mirror in new clothes. It was really beautiful!

The thirty - year - old father led me to put the scarlet couplet on the gate, and the happy golden word set off the house. To my New Year's eve is the most warm night, the whole family sitting together for the scented dumplings, feel so warm in the heart, look at the colorful Spring Festival gala show, still waiting for the New Year's bell sounded...

On the first morning of the New Year, relatives and friends came to visit. People greet each other, lively and extraordinary. Mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, my mother gave me the lucky money! In the middle of the day, relatives and friends gathered together, people seldom see the upper side, and they were very happy to have dinner with them! The table is full of all kinds of delicious food, chicken, duck, fish, meat is very rich, and my favorite fish fragrant shredded pork! Everybody raise a cup to celebrate, happiness hangs in each person's face. Everyone offered to take a photo of the group to be remembered, and when my father took the camera, everyone laughed and shouted, _cheese!_ A face full of smiling faces...

At night, under the beautiful moonlight, my sisters and I lit up the fireworks in our hands, and immediately sent out a beautiful spark, beautiful! Look at this beautiful scene, listen to a burst of sparks, not to mention how happy!

A New Year and a new beginning. Let us cherish every minute from now, add a momentum, get a harvest!

关于英语春节的作文 第4篇

Often go home, go home, wandering again far also want to get home, with family members eat parents prepared dinner. Old days, people call this shou sui, boil in the New Year's eve. A meal to eat slowly, eat until late at night.

Look at the Spring Festival gala splendid performances and around of steaming hot pot, listening to bursts of firecrackers outside the window, a family enjoy a happy family. At this time, the child is the most happy is your elders will send New Year's money. It is said that this approach in wei-jin period. New Year's money is also called the _old money_ bet, _special money_ pressure because of age and is precious, lucky money can be pinned evil thing, to make the children in the Chinese New Year's day.

The New Year, visiting relatives and friends. The relatives and friends get together, eat the big stuff, give each other a blessing, and seek common development. This activity to continue until the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival.

The Spring Festival, not just in beer and skittles, more important is reflected a kind of national spirit of our country. It into a kind of affection, a kind of pursuit of the good life and interpersonal harmony and peace.

关于英语春节的作文 第5篇

Today, I got up at 3:00 in the morning and went to the New Year with my friends. Today, I put on my new clothes and went door to door with my sugar bags and my friends.

First of all, my friends and I made an appointment to start from the village head and then sweep the end of the village to the end of the village. People began to pay New Year's greetings, as if to have a match, you fight for me to run, for fear that the sugar is less than others.

I am most happy when I visit my relatives, because not only can I worship a lot of sugar, but also big red envelopes. More than 100 yuan, less 50 yuan -- haha, according to this, my lucky money can reach 1,000 yuan!

At the end of the village, it's almost over, carrying a bag of sugar, so heavy, it's almost a kilo!

How happy the Spring Festival is!

关于英语春节的作文 第6篇

Our family is no exception. I picked up a pair of Spring Festival couplets, sticky glue neatly affixed to the door. Dad and will _fu_ character (on the door. Sister is busy in the house, she first picked up a few red lanterns, hanging in the room; Stick a bunch of little lights on the wall again. Small lights flashing, like seed of the little stars are blinking.

After eating dinner, I went out with fireworks, sister and brother. Brother opened the lighters, lit the fuse. Listen to _pa_, and a fire dragon into the sky, a beautiful _chrysanthemum_ open. They are colorful, red, yellow, A green, green; A blue, and purple. Multicolored fireworks dancing like measures, such as golden light scattered, a split, such as the peacock... Is really beautiful. At this time, the elder sister took up a big fireworks, flat on the ground, lit with lighter. _Bang_, it is to fly to the blue sky. It from time to time is like a delicate and charming red peony, such as a beautiful big huang ju, sometimes like a lovely violet.

关于英语春节的作文 第7篇

From then on, the tradition of observing the conquest of Nian is carried on from generation to generation. The term _Guo Nian_, which may mean _Survive the Nian_ bees today _Celebrate the (New) Year_ as the word _guo_ in Chinese having both the meaning of _pass-over_ and _observe_. The custom of putting up red paper and firing fire-crackers to scare away Nian should it have a chance to run loose is still around. However, people today have long forgotten why they are doing all this, except that they feel the color and the sound add to the excitement of the celebration.

关于英语春节的作文 第8篇

Spring Festival is a favorite of children a day, I was no exception.

This year's Spring Festival, I am particularly pleased that you want to know why? It is better for me to tell you it! Danian Ye because, I must personally against the write affixed to the door. I hope that you hope that you and so on and so on, until at last the day. Good morning, my mother and breakfast, began to put the couplet. I wrote a lot of the couplet, _day by people Zengshou years, the Spring Fu Man on earth_ and _the motherland spring, more than the well-being of the people._ The election which piece? Her mother said: _The days of the years by people Zengshou, the grandfather of this to be more appropriate, we have a home which you elected Grandpa to be more appropriate, we have a home where you decide the election. _

I thought, elected on a couplet of this couplet on the Alliance are: good spring of the motherland; Xia Lian is: well-being of many people.

关于英语春节的作文 第9篇

Sun slowly down, everybody together together, eating a hearty dinner, while chatting happily in this year's harvest, is really happy! Table grandpa also gladly gave me a big red envelope. Adults such as meal, I can't wait to end on the fruit platter let people taste, all kua I do is beautiful is good!

After dinner, we sat in front of the television, watching the Spring Festival evening party with relish, zhao4 ben3 shan _not bad money_, xu's _facial features for work... Laugh until you can't stop us, dance such as the recent program brings us a beautiful enjoyment. As the _dangdang_ of the New Year bell sounded, all the fireworks with the expectation and wishes for the New Year we flew in the sky...

关于英语春节的作文 第10篇

The Spring Festival is China peoples traditional festival, every family decorated, with red antithetical couplet, high streets and back lanes are hung up red lanterns everywhere showing a bustling festive scene bursting with happiness.

New years Eve, each of us kids early on new clothes, looked refreshed, grandma kua I really handsome, my mother prepared a table of delicious I have the dinner on New Years Eve, favorite red dragon, pork, fried fish...... We are one family sitting in the round, we toast each other, bless each other, I drink wine and wish grandpa grandma health and longevity. I wish mom and dad to work victorious and all the best. My parents, grandparents, and grandparents also wish me a good study. They also gave me a lot of money, my heart opened flowers, thank them for giving me a happy home.

After dinner, we went to one family in the yard of fireworks, I hand lit incense, and dad lit the fireworks fuse, Tun heard only when _whoosh_ fireworks fly the sky exploded, some blooming flowers and some spelling into a riot of colours, every kind of beautiful patterns. Theres like a pretty parachute, bright and colorful fireworks lit up the sky, we are jubilant shouting and laughing......

After putting out the fireworks, we went back to the room, sat on the sofa and watched the wonderful show of the Spring Festival Gala, which was played by CCTV, and laughed.

In a year, it was spent in the laughter and laughter. Tomorrow, we are one year old again.

关于英语春节的作文 第11篇

The Spring Festival is very important to Chinese people. In the past,people could not often have meat,rice or other delicious food. They could only eat these during the Spring festival. So every year they hoped that the Spring Festival would e soon. Now,although people‘s life is much better,and we can eat the delicious foods everyday. People still like the festival. Because most people can have a long holiday,and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friends or have parties with our family. In the evenings,we can have a big meal in the restaurant or stay at home with family and watch the TV programs.

关于英语春节的作文 第12篇

my plan of next year

a new year ,a new start,when i stand on the edge of a new year,i can’t help thinking about my plan of next year.

but ,what i really decide to do is that i must make good of anytime i can spare though it seems impossible. while,i will do my best to live up with what i have planned,and the result will prove it!

关于英语春节的作文 第13篇

Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. In the evening before the Spring Festival,families get together and have a big meal. In many places people like to set off firecrackers. Dumplings are the most traditional food. Children like the festival very much,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes. They can also get some money from their parents. This money is given to children for good luck. People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune.


关于英语春节的作文 第14篇

Falling on the first day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Spring Festival is in fact the Chinese New Year. Before it, people usually give their house a thorough cleaning and do a lot of shopping.

On the New Year’s Eve,people come home and the whole family have a big dinner together. On the New Year’s Day and the few days to follow, people often visit their relatives and friends to give one another their best wishes for the new year.

Throughout this festival period firecrackers can be heard everywhere. This festival is the most important festival for the Chinese.




关于英语春节的作文 第15篇

In the New Year, my friends are changed into the new clothes take off the old clothes. In people look forward to every day, New Year's day finally came, people began to busy. Buy fireworks small stall out doing business; Buy confectionery out doing business; Buy everyone couplet is out of business. We took to the streets to purchase them, a seething streets.

That night, whether there will be a few families put fireworks lit into heaven; Sometimes there are several naughty kids do not help, holding a small firecrackers, threw it into the ground, and of the earth in pain bi BiBao peel. Families to turn on the lights, and some people are watching TV, some family reunion dinner again; I with mom and dad said jokes, stories, watch TV, I immediately to mind a poem: firecrackers in New Year's eve, the spring breeze gifts into the toso. Always find Tong Tong, brought new peach in old character.

关于英语春节的作文 第16篇

If the cold water like pass, a new semester is coming soon. But on the eve of new years Eve, it was a busy, sleepless night, until now.

New years Eve, China glittering, as if filled with news of people across the country, some people do wedding, some people eat the dinner on New Years Eve, everyone is busy.

In the evening, our family sat in front of the TV to watch the Spring Festival Gala. There are so many programs there: singing, dancing, sketches... Sketch _test_ I love the most, in the new year old father-in-law to prove her boyfriend listen to the words of his daughter, he set a trap to test him, the bomb father-in-law 4 head bang. The boyfriend is smart, and will be in a hurry, so calm in a panic. In his unreasonable situation, but he played a man fishing in a head bang. He was able to cope with the old man. Girlfriend again _vexatious_ to play an old boyfriend then head Bang son, and her boyfriend had to play an old mans head bang. The old man fire, said: _what are you doing?_ her boyfriend Xipixiaolian said: _I just saw a laotan and you look exactly the same as the old man, also played him._ The old man was angry when he showed his identity. Then... The last boyfriend said, _you cant always listen to the daughter-in-law, who is listening to who._ Then there were a lot of wonderful programs. Its a good feeling for our family to be together.

We had a great time in the Spring Festival this year.