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Spring Festival is the most importantand popular festival in Spring Festival ,the people usually clean and decorate their they go to the Flower Fairs to buy some Spring Festival ,the adults usually give lucky money to often get together and have a big people eat dumpling for dinner.


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There are many rules in my 6:30 . I must get at7:15 I go to school . I don't have much time to eat breakfast. But I can't eat outside. So I eat very quickly. On week days , I can't watch TV or play computer games. In the afternoon, I must go home at about 5::30. So I can't play with my friends. In the evening, I must finish my homework and I have to go to school before 10:00. I'm not happy.

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My favourite book is Harry has 7 books in a book about magic and other wonderful things which we cant find in real love reading those books because they make me feel like Im inside the book with the always feel excited while reading the also appreciate the author,who is J K uses beautiful words to describe things that we can only can make it real and hard to in all,Harry Potter is my favourite book and Ill read it again and again.

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一个交通事故 A Traffic Accident

Yesterday when I was walking along the street, I saw an old lady in front of me. She wanted to cross the street. All of a sudden, a bicycle ran against her at a high speed. The old woman fell to the ground. The cyclist was very frightened and ran away. I hurried to help the lady up, called a taxi and sent her to the nearest hospital. Luckily she was not badly hurt.

We live in a large city which is like a big family. We should care for each other.

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My spring festival

This year I have a happy spring featival with my family.

On New Year's Eve,all the family people get together to have a big dinner in the the dinner we have a small talk and play some games.

Thanks to this spring festival,it make our family people get enjoy ourselves and in the new year we all fighting.





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The spring festival iverimportant to chinese people.

in the past, people could not often have meat, rice or other delicioufood. thecould onleat these during the spring festival. so everyear thehoped that the spring festival would come soon. now, although peoplelife imuch better, and we can eat the . people still like the festival. because most people can have a long holiday, and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friendor have partiewith our family. in the evenings, we can have a big meal in the restaurant or staat home with familand watch the tv programmes.

i like the spring festival vermuch. how wonderful the spring festival is!

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uphold thes We must e core virtues including diligence, honesty, justice . Tradiand , we Chinese admire the virtue of plain living and hard struggle. The vital importance is also placed on honesty and justice. In my eyes, however, responsibility tops our priority. To shoulder some heavy responsibilities, we must keep a style of plain living and hard struggle. Responsibility also means honesty and justice. Everyone must assume a set of responsibilities. For example, we college students must take the responsibility for pursuing the impressive academic performance. But an army of students plant themselves in online games, an activity which compels them to shun huge responsibilities. The virtue of responsibility is strongly associated with the “ Eight Dos and Don’ts ” moral campaign in full swing. Under this slogan, everyone must take on his/her own responsibilities and dedicate to his/her own position. Unquestionably, everyone must promote the socialist concept of honor and 2 The advent of the Internet ushered in a new era of interpersonal communications and business operations. Undoubtedly, the Net are revolutionizing the daily lives of the people who have an access to it. The primary reason behind the Internet boom roots in its multifunction. It provides a vehicle for netizens to shop, search, publish blogs and browse WebPages. A range of problems lurking behind the frenzy of Internet impressively stand out. A vast majority of Internet users' mail boxes are saturated with junk mails, an issue which sparks strong criticism and generates the loss of corporate productivity. It's not alone. Porn websites lure a growing number of young people's visits. False news via the e-mail, BBS and chat room increasingly poses a threat to the social prosperity and stability. To crack down them, we should push for a more effectively tough law. We should join our forces to launch a nation-wide campaign, including imposing stiff penalties on spammers, shutting down or blocking the lewd sites and introducing a real-name registration system to curb fraudulent messages. We can fully believe that our combined efforts will reap rewards. A clean cyberspace will paint our lives more colorfully. An economically booming and technologically advanced global web will play a vital role in the national economic and cultural advancement.

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Hello everyone. My name is .... I am a student of Grade eight . I am an outgoing , lovely girl and I am so welcomed by my friends and my classmates.

I often go to the movies with my friends on weekends. I can aslo play the violin and have won many prizes in the competitions. I take violin lessons twice a week.

It is a little hard for me but I am very happy , because I have a dream. I want to be a great violinist one day.

Thank you.

大家好。 我的名字是......我是八年级的学生。 我是一个外向的,可爱的女孩,受到我的朋友和同学的欢迎。

我经常在周末和朋友一起去看电影。 我也可以拉小提琴,并在比赛中赢得很多奖项。 我每周两次上小提琴课。

这对我来说有点难,但我很高兴,因为我有一个梦想。 我想成为一名伟大的小提琴手。


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Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”. People enjoy the Spring Festival ,during this time they can have a good rest .

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I first washed cucumber, slices of cucumber and then cut into shreds, into tray. Placed above a number of ingredients, stirring to complete the look. I am glad, because this is what I do dishes. Time for dinner, Mom and Dad told me was full of praise for the dish, I was a child boast. I first washed cucumber, slices of cucumber and then cut into shreds, into tray. Placed above a number of ingredients, stirring to complete the look. I am glad, because this is what I do dishes. Time for dinner, Mom and Dad told me was full of praise for the dish, I was a child boast. I'm beautiful, I would like to do next will definitely eat more vegetables, so that parents enjoy.

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