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我感到很担心英语作文 第1篇

My neighbor is a lonely old man in his life. I have tried my best to help him, such as washing clothes, sweeping the floor, cooking, etc. in fact, the oldest 50 year old man's greatest hope is that other people care about it.

I hope that we can care about what they want not in daily life, but also in feelings. Therefore, we should often communicate with the elderly, the most important thing Do more, listen more and speak more, and care for the elderly is the most comprehensive.



我感到很担心英语作文 第2篇

In the hope engineering class, our teacher told us something about the hope project. She said some children in this country can't go to school because their parents are too poor to send their children to school. After school, she called on us to help them.

When I got home, I was deeply moved by this. When I saw the money, what should I do for the hope project? I decided to send the pocket money I had saved for nearly a year to the children who wanted to go to school. I wrote them a letter and went to the post office with the letter.

I sent the money and best wishes to them.




我感到很担心英语作文 第3篇

I'm not complaining about what's inevitable. I have a feeling of being cheated. It's just a question that tells me the result, but it doesn't matter.

I still have some things I can't want to know: why you never like me, or if I miss the opportunity, or if you have any concerns, if I can at least know the reason for the recall in the future, there won't be any regret.



我感到很担心英语作文 第4篇

We really need to change our lifestyle to prevent environmental pollution. We should have done more than we do now, but in fact, each of us only needs to do a little bit in our daily life. It will be very different in the whole society.

If it is not necessary, we can stop using plastic bags. In order to avoid white pollution, we can stop using one Secondary chopsticks and tableware, as long as the use of non wood durable chopsticks and tableware on the line. When we leave a room, when there is no one, we must turn off the power.

When we leave the laundry room, check whether the tap is closed tightly. In my opinion, we avoid standing on tiptoe and wasting water. I think the most serious damage is water pollution and deforestation.

Deforestation is the main cause of greenhouse effect. It warms the world and melts the Antarctic ice With the rise of sea level, the increase of carbon dioxide and the earance of acid rain, more trees are dead and the circulation becomes worse. Cordyceps water pollution is serious.

Industrial sewage and domestic sewage are directly discharged into rivers, lakes and oceans, causing death of marine life, deterioration of ecological environment, fragile environment, homeless wildlife, and people getting sick. Let's do something positive to protect us Self, protect our environment, we only have such a small plan (∩∩) OO (∩∩) O.